Welcome to Quaking Canopy Farms!

Welcome to Quaking Canopy Farm home of Quality Rottweilers in Reno, NV!

We are located in North Reno in an area called Antelope Valley. If you're in a neighbouring state we invite you to take the gorgeous drive out here and meet our puppies!  We frequent areas of CA to visit family, attend shows, and more. We're happy to make transportation arrangements to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and most of Northern and Central CA and some other outlying areas if we are already planning a trip. Otherwise, hop in your car, take that therapeutic cruise over Donner Pass, and come visit us!

Look around and see what we're up to. You'll find information on our quality German Rottweilers bred for their ideal temperaments as family dogs, their devotion and drive as work companions and our careful consideration and screening for their health. Also meet our goats, horses, chickens, rabbits, and more. Let us share our work on this farm as we grow and raise and build and create! Come read about how we try to reuse materials, create edible landscaping, and create sustainability on our little farm!