You just about can't have fruits and vegetables without bees. Bees pollinate everything on our farm from the apples in Spring to the pumpkins in late Summer.

Because bees are such fantastically efficient foragers and collectors, they over build up an excess store of honey. That is, more than their colony needs to get through a winter. When this happens, we harvest only the extra honey for our own use. Honey is the purest, most natural sweetener we can hope to raise here. We use it in place of any sugar or syrup you can think of. Goat milk and honey latte, anyone? Yes, please!

We know all too well the toll commercial agriculture has taken on the honey bee population as well as on the native, carpenter bee populations. We build housing and encourage carpenter bees on our farm as well and are proud to have identified more than 20 species of carpenter and bumble bee here.

We decided to add honey bee hives knowing that if everyone out there - even just half the folks out there - maintained even just 1 hive in their backyard and made a commitment to eliminate the use of pesticides on their lawns and in their home gardens, bees would thrive once again and that would secure the food future for all of us humans. If they die, we won't be far behind. It's not just hippy talk, it's the facts of agriculture and science.