Quaking Canopy is, above all else, a farm! We raise farm animals for a variety of reasons. One such farm animal is the goat. Specifically, we raise Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are, as the name suggests, small goats. They're also seriously powerful milk producers. We use their milk to drink fresh, make cheese, make yogurt, make ice cream, and most definitely to make soap! Because this breed produces milk that is exceptionally high in butterfat, the milk makes a fantastic latte if I do say so myself!

A farm can't have enough milk, in my experience. What we don't use in the house we offer to the dogs in the form of yogurt, to the pigs in the form of whey, and to the chickens in any form available -- chicken's aren't picky!

As such, we wanted a breed who would really utilize their feed and give us lots of milk in exchange. We've been proud to own goats who topped out at around 60 pounds, but gave us more than 4 pounds of milk in a day - that's half a gallon, for those of you keeping track. Not too shabby for an animal half the size of my biggest dog!

Nigerian dwarfs, and goats in general, are colorful, social, intelligent creatures and we will always have them on our little farm.