Wilhelm Vom Hause Burns "Kaiser"

Kaiser is a very dark, very correct puppy. We looked for a long time for the right puppy and couldn't be happier with the breeder and the puppy we chose. This big oaf is smart, loyal, incredibly quick and easy to train, a total clumsy clown and just a huge joy to own and raise with our family. As he grows and matures we'll add some critiques for him.

Kaiser's father is ADRK German Import multi VV1 rated ADRK Jugsten World Winner Jeff Vom Neunkircher Schloss. Jeff is a son of arguably one of the most influential rottweilers in the past decade, Elvis von der Muhlbachstrasse. Kaiser's mother is multi V1 RKNA Best Youth Female Sierra vom Haus Burns. Sierra is a daughter of Int.CH Zivan Von Der Janvari.