Meet Quaking Canopy Mercedes

Mercedes is Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal. She is also Heart, Eyes and Thyroid clear the last 5 consecutive yearly screenings.

Critique (by James Marrone, Judge for ARC, GSRC, ARV, USRC and many other clubs) - Mercedes is a large female with excellent bone, friendly, alert, outgoing and sociable.  She has a very good head with wide top skull,  middle size, high set, well carried ears, good fill under the eyes, very pronounced stop, short muzzle, strong underjaw, well shaped eyes which could be darker.  Head overall is very dry.  Mouth pigment is dark on all parts.   She has an excellent deep scissor bite with correct dentition. Her neck is strong and of correct length.  The front is straight with very developed forechest, very well knuckled and tight feet.  This female has a very good neck arch to back line and a moderate body length.  She has a deep chest and excellent over and under lines.  The croup is correctly placed and the tail is docked.  The rear is extremely strong showing excellent muscular development.  The angulations front and rear are balanced and moderate.  The hocks are strong and the rear feet well knuckled and tight.  The coloring overall is excellent with mahogany markings in correct proportion and clearly defined.  The coat is tight fitting.  The movement is natural and ground covering with good reach and strong drive.

As a family member - Mercedes has great instincts with me; she always seems to know just what I am thinking. Sure, we could chat about research done to show dogs read facial expressions, understand tone and even pointing and gesturing. But, all in all, she is a smart, loyal and responsive dog. She is an excellent herding dog - what Rottweilers were originally bred for! She helps me so much when it comes to the herd of goats and I look forward too seeking a herding title on her. She is my best friend and always by my side or down the street with the kids riding their bikes. She never wonders far, just enough too see them and alert me when she cannot. She gets the most warming reaction from visitors who are impressed with both her appearance as well as her outgoing and social nature.



    Mercedes packs a powerful pedigree with some influential genetics. On her Sire's side she is a Gil von Hause Milsped granddaughter. On her Dam's side she is a great granddaughter to Graf von der Alten Festung and Tika; she is granddaughter to Noris von der Alten Festung and Rott Berger Lena.