Alongside our Rottweilers, we raise a number of plants and animals using Organic methods aimed at providing us with some self sustainability. Whether you just need a hobby or have vast conspiracies about food and government--farming is a good idea. Raise a few chickens and grow some tomatoes. It's exercise, it's entertaining, and you get a tan.

After much debate on how to organize all of our going-ons from up-cycled projects to animals to bugs to flowers to food, I finally settled on chronological! I tend to focus (intensely, way too much so) on 1 project for a short period of time and then move to another one. As such, each month below focusses on what I tried to stay focused on!

February 2014

Farm Animals: It's a little too cold to do much outside right now. That doesn't usually stop me. But I'm busy with puppies so for this month I'm introducing our farm animals.

What We're Planting: The selection of Orchard and Vineyard varieties we chose and why for 2014. Including zone hardiness and chilling hours.

March 2014

Orchard: When we moved in there was a neglected bunch of fruit trees. This month we began really working on transforming it into a full Orchard. How we plant our new trees is covered, too!

In Other News: Up-cycled Pallet wind block.

Don't Forget: Bugs! Beneficial Insects.

April 2014

Grapes: A small vineyard in place of a dead lawn so we can eat fresh grapes, make jam and juice; who knows-maybe even wine!

Flowers: Adding Lavender and exploring Nevada native food sources for pollinators.

Easter Bunnies: Meet Link and Flurry.

Spring Chicks: Replenishing our Egg layers each Spring. See our coop, where we raise our chicks, and some of our big girls this Spring.

May 2014

Urbanite: Up-cycled demo'd concrete pieces into a walkway, garden beds, and a terraced retaining wall. Not all this month...but we're getting started! Check it out.

Pests, Fungus, and Weeds: Organic control of the things that plague the orchard and the vineyard.

Starting Seeds: I'm way late on this year, but I think we will do okay! We went a little crazy on the wildflowers, and we threw some veggies in for good measure.

Sunflower Patch: Plus, many other flowers ideal for bees and butterflies. We'll extend our chicken run over the patch when the flowers are dried out this Fall!

June 2014

Bees: We're becoming bonafide bee-keepers! I seriously could not be more excited about this adventure. Hiving our Nucs.

Bee Yard: Selecting the perfect spot for our bees, why we chose this spot, and how we're shaping it for our new ladies.