Please review our Sales Policy and the following information on reserving or purchasing a Rottweiler Puppy from us. Have questions or want to reserve a puppy? Contact me at or 775-453-6440.

Sales Policy -

Puppies are sold on a first come, first serve basis with reservations getting their choice puppies first with careful consideration to each family, their individual goals with their puppy, and the puppy's personality as it fits each family. I reserve the right to set aside best picks in the litter from any pet/companion buyer when selecting their puppy, even with a first choice deposit, so that the first pick puppy(s) may be placed in show/breed homes or retained. Each puppy's individual drives and preferences will be studied carefully and taken into considering when puppy selection is done. Our litters are bred to be the best possible quality no matter your goals with your puppy be they show, work, or companionship. But we place each puppy to the best suited place for that puppy and his or her traits when compared with what you're looking for.  

  • Puppies are vaccinated (I will complete full puppy vaccinations free of charge for any puppy brought back to me on a vaccination schedule).

  • Puppies are wormed 3 times before leaving.

  • Puppies are always micro-chipped before leaving.

  • Puppies are sleeping in crates and working on house training by the time they go home.

  • Puppies will receive temperament testing and evaluation throughout their entire time here with us beginning with birth order to growth rates up to pecking order in the litter and stress testing.

  • Puppies are sold with a health guarantee and contract.

  • Puppies will see a veterinarian before leaving.

  • Puppies are AKC registered.

  • Puppies will not be docked, no exceptions. FCI/ADRK expressly prohibit docking.

  • Puppies are sold at our discretion.

We will not sell to a situation we learn to contain abuse, neglect or fighting. PERIOD. Rottweilers are absolutely BRILLIANT dogs and can be used for almost ANY discipline any person can imagine. WHY am I yelling? Because some people see fit too use this intelligence to their advantage in manners that harm and kill their dogs. We will take no part in this, period. Just don't even contact us if this is what you're looking for.

I must have at least 1 good conversation with you via phone or email before I'll accept a deposit. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask me every question you can come up with. I'd like to know about you, your family, your children and existing dogs (if any). It's good for me to know if this is your first dog or your first Rottweiler or if you've had dogs before. I'll especially ask about your goals with your puppy. Do you want to show? Breed? Just a pet? Or do you have a job in mind such as therapy work, search and rescue, protection? This information will help me suggest the right puppy for your goals.

Our Breeding Program -

We breed for the best dogs we can. It is my firm belief that a person can find a dog with a high drive to move their livestock by choosing an Australian Shepherd or a Border Collie. That same person could find a dog too guard their livestock against all threats by choosing an Armenian Gamper or a Pyrenees. This person again could search for a dog to protect their home and guard their children and get themselves a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. And so on and so forth. Why? Because someone, somewhere had the discipline and insight to selectively breed for each of these breeds and hundreds more.

If you want a dog you can show, who will protect you and your family, who will run an agility course with you as well as search for someone lost and dig them out of a snow bank; A dog who will move your large and small livestock or excel in obedience; a dog who is driven most by your approval and leadership, who shuts down when it is time to go inside and watch TV but is alert and readied when it is time to work -- then, perhaps, you want one of our puppies. This is what we breed for. We want a solid, level bodied and muscular-square type with a deep, broad chest with well angulated shoulders, tight toes, strong pasterns and proportionally angulated rear legs, clean and dark markings, proper eye and mouth color, square heads with ideal ear sets along with well defined stops and short muzzles and all those distinguished features that separate the breed of Rottweilers from other breeds. But we also pick for character and work drive. We chose our female, Mercedes, who will be the starting point for our kennel, based on her conformation, her pedigree, and the drive and devotion of her parents. We will choose males for the same reasons.

Health is a very strong emphasis for us and as such we screen hips, elbows, hypothyroidism, congenital heart defects, cataracts, sub-aortic stenosis, and von Willebrands Disease. We also pay close attention to several past generations of our own dogs for other common concerns in the breed including ACL tears and especially cancer. For more on Health and our breed please visit our Health Concerns and Screening page.

Temperament is something you'll hear me talk a great deal about. Temperament is absolutely genetic so make sure you like both Mom and Dad and feel they are dogs you would like having in your family. Your puppy will be influenced by socializing, training, and your handling of them. But they will also carry deep seated characteristics from his or her parents. We breed for confident, biddable and gregarious dogs who are never aggressive, always social, and willing to please. We want smart, obedient, loving pets and we want you to have that as well.

What to Expect of a Puppy From Us -

Our puppies are all heavily socialized while they are here with us and we highly recommend you continue this when your puppy goes home with you. They'll meet 3-6 new families a week at least. They'll spend time with all of our dogs and dogs of friends and family who are well balanced, trained, and healthy. But please, avoid dog parks until your puppy is at least 1 year old. For more on socializing please read Socializing Your Puppy.

Puppies are kept inside our home and grow up with several small children as well as various animals including goats, chickens, cats and even horses. We interact with them seemingly non stop always considering which puppy is the top dog, who is the most submissive, and all of their personality traits in-between and apply what we observe to recommendations when buyers select their puppies.

Every puppy is moved to a crate at night around 6 weeks continuing to spend their days out with their mother and other members of our pack for socializing. First in pairs or groups of three and then individually. We begin housebreaking and acclimating puppies to home life at this time.  

Our Guarantee -

We cannot guarantee the conformation or personality of any puppy we breed, but do our absolute best to produce consistency and to produce dogs we ourselves would own, show and work alongside. However, we do guarantee every puppy we sell against genetic health defects that restrict or prevent the dog from performing as a show or work animal. Hip dysplasia is included in this guarantee. Dogs must be older then 2 years old for a replacement from a hip issue. Hip issues must be crippling and not mild for replacement. For all other defects the dog must be diagnosed before 1 year of age - conditions that may qualify could be genetic liver, kidney or other organ issues, autoimmune disease, heart murmurs, and so forth.  In the case of a show/breed quality puppy the dog with the genetic condition in question must be spayed or neutered before replacement. Our guarantee is honored in the form of a replacement puppy. We will not give cash refunds. All health conditions suspected to be genetic must be reviewed and diagnosed by a veterinarian. We reserve the right to select the vet to perform the diagnosis or request a second opinion.

Deposits -

Deposits are always taken. While First deposit will come first when selecting their puppy our policy is always to consider what each family is looking for in their new addition and that the right puppy goes to the right home. The only exception is show/breed quality puppies. Consideration will be given during selection when show/breed puppies in the litter are reserved for show/breed homes despite order of deposits received.

You may place a deposit as many months (or years) ahead of a litter as you like. Deposits are non-refundable unless a litter does not contain the dog you wanted. If you were 4th deposit in line for a male and only 3 were born, you would be offered the choice of an available female, a refund or the option to be first choice on the next litter. If you change your mind or are for any reason not able to purchase your puppy, your deposit will not be refunded. Please keep this in mind when placing a deposit.

Your puppy must be paid for in full before leaving our home. Personal checks will be accepted only if ample time is allowed for said check to clear before picking up your puppy. No personal checks will be accepted on the day you take home your puppy.  I reserve the right to retain any puppy of any sex from any litter despite deposits.

We'd Like You To Know -

Not only do we want animals who produce or perform as we ask them, but we want them in their absolute best health. So, our dogs are fed a high quality raw food diet that consists of foods such as farm fresh eggs, raw goat's milk and live cultured yogurt, and whole chicken quarters (including bones and organs) as well as a variety of other meats and fish. We avoid all grains, offer occasional fruits such as apples and bananas, and daily veggies such as pumpkin, carrots, or sweet potatoes. We supplement with a natural, grain free, minimally processed or preserved kibble. The diet you choose for your dog is a personal choice and does not necessarily need to mimic ours. We do adamantly suggest your Rottweiler be fed a grain free diet for the entire duration of his or her life. There are many quality grain free kibbles out there and we are happy to make some suggestions.

Our Policy as of 2012 will be to begin vaccinations at 8 weeks with firm recommendations that you follow up at 12 and 16 weeks. We do not recommend a 4th shot. Puppies who remain with us past 8 weeks will receive their 1st shot as close to 9 weeks as possible.

There is a very real link between many health concerns that plaque Rotties and poor breeding but also procedures that weaken their immune systems such as docking (or any significant injury at a young age which must be healed from taxing the immune system and the infant puppy's tiny amount of energy to spare) and vaccinatng too early and too often. There is also a very real link between poor quality diets especially those high in grains and health conditions ranging from significant teeth problems to digestive issues to autoimmune and cancer problems. Take a moment to explore the other areas of our site on Selecting a Breeder, Health Concerns and Screening, and Feeding Your Rottweiler for more information.

Visiting Us -

We welcome visitors too meet our dogs all year round. You do not need to be getting a puppy to visit us! Our dogs and litters benefit greatly from meeting as many dog lovers as they can. If you are getting a puppy you may visit your puppy as much as you please before she is ready to go home at 8-12 weeks of age. Puppies must go home by 12 weeks, period. They will benefit from time with their mother and litter mates learning about biting behavior and limitations, but they need as much time with you for the foundation of your relationship as possible, so we ask you get them home and get started!

Shipping -

We will aid in the shipping puppies to any part of the continental US and Canada. Your area and the flight you select will determine the actual price of your shipping costs. Shipping is stressful of puppies so whenever possible please pick up your puppy in person. Flying in general is one of the safest methods of travel. Careful selection must be made to choose airlines with a good track record and both pressure and temperature controlled cargo space for shipping dogs.

I STRONGLY PREFER YOU FLY IN TO PICK UP YOUR PUPPY! Your puppy can travel as carry on in a small crate under your seat. This is the safest and least stressful for your puppy! Please prepare ahead of time to make these arrangements if purchasing from us and wishing to fly your puppy home. 

Registration -

Puppies are sold with AKC registration and your puppy is registered. Full registration (and your ability to register offspring) is awarded to those dogs or bitches who are screened for the following health clearances at 2 years of age via OFA: Hips, Elbows, Eyes (CERF or equivalent), and Heart. These minimum clearances must be met for full breeding rights on your dog. We're open and willing to work with fellow persons interested in maintaining the breed but will only award breeding rights to those persons devoted to promoting and improving health within our breed. 

I am not actually an advocate of spaying and neutering; I am however an advocate of responsible pet ownership. If you will not be breeding or showing your puppy but plan to frequent areas with other dogs such as dog parks and want to have him or her neutered or spayed than I recommend waiting until after 1 year to spay or neuter your pet. If you keep him or her intact than you must keep him or her contained! It is your responsibility to prevent unnecessary accidental litters. The easiest way to avoid this is of course having your pet altered. Dogs do greatly benefit from the hormones that are reduced when spaying or neutering are performed. They need said hormones to develop and maintain muscle tone. Otherwise your dog is fully show-able and can be bred if that is your decision. We do require you place our kennel name in your dog's registered name; no exceptions.

Tails and Dew Claws -

All puppies will not be docked or have dew claws removed from our kennel beginning in 2013. We've made the decision to join the cause for eliminating docking in our breed. We have some tailed dogs in our pack (Zephyr, Escobar, Fiona, Sirius) and we have some docked dogs. There's just no difference. And we've come to see the tails as a sort of flag or standard of elevation for European or Import dogs because we here in the US are one of the very few countries left who dock tails for strictly cosmetic purposes. One well known breeder asks you to picture your ideal dog. In this case I'll ask you to think of him or her with your children or your pets. Maybe he's doing protection work with you or she is a pro at agility. Perhaps he lays under your feet while you watch TV or she sleeps on the bed with you. He loves you and would do anything for you; she follows you everywhere and is always happy to see. Now, while picturing this dog how much did the lack of or presence of a tail really matter? Docking is painful and traumatic. It's amputating a significant part of the body on a new born puppy. We've decided it's just not for us and we hope you will feel the same way.

For more on tails please read Quaking Canopy: Tail Docking and an interview we were featured in at Dogster: Ear Cropping and Tail Docking.

For show and breed purposes our dogs are what people would consider "German," "Import," or "European." As such a docked tail would significantly hinder your abilities for work and show with a puppy from us. If you're interested in Seiger style, ADRK, USRC, or other outlets aside from exclusively AKC than you are likely to be more successful with a tailed dog. AKC is the only venue where a docked dog is given merit over a tailed dog (often even when the tailed dog is a better specimen but placed lower only because of his or her tail at the discretion of the individual judge).

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